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Education System


  •  Germany Offers free education for pupils between 6 to 18 years.
  •  Age 3 to 6 — Children may attend Kindergarten
  •  Grade 1 to 4 — Elementary school/ Grundschule is mandatory
  •  Based on the recommendation of Elementary school teachers, academic ability of the pupil & parents choices, students attend one of the 3 different kinds of secondary schools.


  •  Grades Covered 5 to 9 (some schools offer 10th grade)
  •  Duration 5 to 6 years
  •  Age level 10 to 15 years
  •  Degree Hauptschul abschluss
  •  Direction Leads to part-time enrollment in a vocational school combined with apprenticeship training until the age of 18


  •  Grades Covered 5 to 10
  •  Duration 6 years
  •  Age level 10 to 15 years
  •  Degree Mittlere Reife
  •  Direction Leads to part-time and higher vocational schools
Students with high academic achievement may switch to Gymnasium.


  •  Grades Covered 5 to 13
  •  Duration 9 years
  •  Age level 10 to 18 years
  •  Degree Abitur
  •  Direction Prepare students for university study or for a dual academic and vocational credential


  •  Grades Covered 5 to 10
  •  Duration 6 years
  •  Age level 10 to 15 years
  •  Degree Hauptschulabschluss in the 9th grade/Mittlere Reife in the 10th grade
  •  Direction May follow one of the directions from either Realschule or Gymnasium

Higher education

Post secondary education, students have a wide choice from more than 200 University of Applied Sciences & 300 universities offering variety of courses & degree programs.

University ⁄ Universität

  •  More theory oriented
  •  Degrees offered includes Bachelor, Master & Doctorate
  •  Research plays an integral part of the study
  •  Gaining knowledge & not practical application is the goal
  •  Faculties include Education, Law, Medicine, Social & Cultural sciences, Business Management.

College of Arts & Music

  •  College of Music offer courses in composition, directing, training on an instrument, voice, jazz, music theater, stage dance, and music education.
  •  College of Arts offer courses in Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture and art education, architecture, stage design, ceramics, glass painting, restoration work, and art media.
  •  To get admission one should have demonstrate ability & exceptional talent.

University of Applied Sciences ⁄ Fachhochschule

  •  More practice oriented
  •  Offers Bachelors programs in general
  •  Some institutions also offer Masters Program
  •  Though research is gaining importance but the focus remains at application oriented study
  •  Excellent job opportunities owing to the close tie up with industry

Technical University ⁄ Technische Universität

  •  Offers courses only in Engineering & Science
  •  Degrees offered includes Bachelor, Master & Doctorate
  •  Research plays an integral part of the study


The eligibility criteria may differ from university to university. So please refer to the University website for the eligibility criteria for the course that interests you. General eligibility criteria to Graduate study at a University in Germany are listed below.

1. Academics

  •  Certification of Undergraduate study (Bachelor degree) in similar field

2. Language Requirement

  •  If the course is completely in German, then proof of proficiency in German Language.
  •  German as a Foreign Language Test(TestDaF).
  •  German Language Test for the Admission of Foreign study applicants(DSH).
  •  If the course is in English, then proof of proficiency in English — TOEFL (550 and higher (PBT), 213 and higher (CBT), 79 and higher (IBT) ) or IELTS 6.0
  •  For bilingual courses, appropriate proof may be required

3. Entrance qualification

  •  For engineering courses, some universities may demand GRE
  •  For Business management courses, some universities may demand GMAT

4. Work Experience

  •  Improved chances of admission if relevant work experience in the field of further study.
  •  Some universities require the student to take entrance test either online or upon arrival at the campus (in the later case conditional admission is provided)

5. Project Work ⁄ Thesis

  •  Demonstration of technical ability through project execution.

6. Extracurricular activities

  •  Paper presentation, participation in Technical symposium, conference etc will be highly appreciated.